Josie Jakubowski, MSc

Queen's University

Exploring the relationship between dietary protein source and indicators of sarcopenia

The study aimed to examine the relationship between dietary protein source and sarcopenia indicators in older adults. Animal-based protein sources are typically considered to be of higher quality than plant-based sources. This study observed that there was a weak correlation between the percentage of animal protein consumed and grip strength, but no significant correlation with appendicular mass normalized to BMI. Thus, this study suggests that the protein source does not appear to have a significant impact on these indicators of sarcopenia.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Josie Jakubowski, a second-year Medical student at Queen’s University, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her studies. With a Master’s degree from McMaster University, and extensive research experience, including work at Sunnybrook and with CanChild, a Centre for Childhood Disability Research, Josie has a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. Her love for working with older adults stems from their wisdom and rich life experiences. Josie finds inspiration in listening to their stories and the valuable advice they offer provides a unique perspective and newfound insights. Her passion for working with older adults is also deeply personal, inspired by her beloved grandmother, whom she holds dear to her heart.