Kyly Whitfield, PhD. Associate Professor.

Department of Applied Human Nutrition
Mount Saint Vincent University

From Nutrition Scientist to Nutrition Communicator

Nutrition scientists who conduct the research are the best qualified to communicate nutrition findings accurately and within context. They can positively affect public’s eating habits, influence health and nutrition policy, and receive heightened attention to their research, which can lead to future funding. In an interactive session, Dr. Kyly Whitfield will discuss some of the top strategies for better communicating your research.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Kyly Whitfield is an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada. There she leads the Milk and Micronutrient Assessment, or MAMA Lab, which aims to explore several facets of maternal and infant feeding and nutrition. A major focus of her research program is identifying culturally appropriate public health interventions to combat micronutrient deficiencies in low-income countries, but in Canada, her work centres on infant feeding behaviours, public perception of breastfeeding, and the potential long-term effects of early feeding on eating patterns and health later in life.