Tommy Cederholm, Professor

Public Health ad Caring Sciences
Uppsala University

Effects of exercise and nutrition in older persons living in community-based elderly care homes

Selected older people (n=102), receiving community-based elderly care, were in a randomized fashion offered sit-to-stand exercises combined with protein supplementation during three months. The intervention resulted in maintained or improved sit-to-stand capacity, increased weight and muscle mass, especially in those that were sarcopenic and had better self-perceived health at base-line, and who were compliant with the protein supplementation. Interviews of participants indicated that the intervention was easy to embrace, provided self confidence and a feeling of hope. This study indicate that even in very old and sarcopenic people in community-based elderly care, life-style modifications like easily performed resistance training (sit-to-stand exercises) and protein supplementation may have beneficial effects on function and well-being.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

MD. PhD. Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Professor em., Uppsala University, Sweden. Senior consultant, head of R&D, Theme Inflammation & Ageing, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm. Board certified in Geriatric medicine and Internal medicine. Research focus on nutrition and catabolism in old and chronically ill subjects. Principal investigator of several nutrition intervention studies. Co-author of >300 peer-reviewed articles. H-index >70, >40.000 citations. During 2012 to 2016 served as Executive Committee member of ESPEN.  Member of the European Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older people. Recently contributed to the launch of the GLIM diagnostic criteria for malnutrition.