Shirin Panahi, Scientific Director, PhD

Canadian Nutrition Society

Carving out your Career Path

Looking for your ideal career? Are you interested in learning about the different opportunities to discover where your skill sets fit? This diverse career panel will highlight some major career branches to give you a taste of the different opportunities available for you. You will have the chance to learn about the various paths that panelists took to get to where they are, ask questions and learn about the possibilities after you graduate. A trainee networking event will follow and lead into the opening reception.

Speaker/Chair Bio:

As the Scientific Director of the Canadian Nutrition Society, Dr. Shirin Panahi provides scientific leadership, guidance for programs and educational initiatives offered by CNS, trainee supervision and mentorship and the development of knowledge translation work. Among the many projects at CNS, she is a currently spearheading and collaborating on a major initiative that involves developing a nutrition in medical education program for healthcare professionals in training and in practice to increase their level of confidence in providing nutrition guidance. Prior to this role, Shirin was the Program Lead at CNS and a Research Associate in the Departments of Physical Education and Kinesiology at Université Laval exploring the effects of diet and its components (particularly dairy products such as yogurt) on appetite control, metabolic health and lifestyle factors in the prevention and management of obesity. Recently, she has developed an interest in the promotion of healthy lifestyles through university health promotion programs through her continued university collaborations and knowledge translation work including infographics and the new CNS podcast, Nutrition Conversations. She is a past recipient of postdoctoral fellowships from Diabetes Canada and Mitacs Accelerate, in partnership with Alliance Santé Québec, at Université Laval and received her BSc (Hon) in life sciences and MSc and PhD in nutritional sciences from the University of Toronto.