Guillaume Couture, President and CEO of

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A practical example for clinic integration

Mobile Health Applications (Apps) can be highly effective in promoting positive health behavior changes. In this session, attendees will gain a practical perspective of the integration of technology in clinical practice. was the first team of dietitians to implement Keenoa as a smart nutrition journal. Since then, they have also added the power of KoalaPro for smart charting and for optimizing client behavior change capabilities. In an already saturated health care system, implementation of technology is the next step optimizing efficiency and care.

Learning Objectives

1.  Understand the impact of a smart journal option for optimized care

2.  How smart charting increases efficiency and charting accuracy

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Guillaume Couture is an accomplished entrepreneur and leader in the health and nutrition industry. As the founder and CEO of, a Canadian team of registered dietitians, he has dedicated his career to promoting healthy living and empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being.

With 10 years of experience in nutrition counselling himself, Guillaume has a deep understanding of the importance of a balanced and wholesome lifestyle. He has applied his knowledge and expertise to create a unique and innovative platform that provides health objective tracking, nutrition professional software tools, and wellness nutrition counselling to people across Canada.

Under Guillaume’s leadership, has become one of the most trusted and respected names in nutrition counselling. His passion for helping others achieve their health goals has inspired his team of professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional service and support to patient-clients through the use of technology.

He is also a sought-after speaker and industry expert, regularly sharing his insights on nutrition and wellness at conferences and events across the country.