Nicole Journault, Registered Dietitan

Nutrition Services, Alberta Health Services

Supplemental Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition in Patients Hospitalized with COVID-19

I will review the royal alexandra hospital experience during wave 2 COVID and our nutrition support strategies for hospitalized COVID positive patients who were managed on either highflow oxygen therapy or non-invasive ventilation. 

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Nicole Journault graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences and has been a clinical dietitian for 17 years.  She has been practicing as a dietitian in a medical/surgical intensive care unit at the Royal Alexandra hospital in Edmonton, AB for the past 10 years.

Nicole’s area of practice focuses on nutrition support of critically ill adult patients. Her research experience includes participation in INS, EFFORT trial, top-up PN trial and local research on enteral probiotic yoghurt administration in intensive care. Additionally, she has a strong clinical interest in indirect calorimetry, and her hospital was the recipient of the first QNRG device in Canada