Maitreyi Raman, MD MSc Associate Professor of Medicine

University of Calgary

Diet and IBD - From Theoretical to Practical Application

Diet is an emerging risk factor for the development of IBD. Recent observational and randomized controlled studies demonstrate a relationship between dietary patterns and diet components and how these influence the natural history of IBD. Several care gaps exist in the management of IBD. The most frequently asked questions by patients of their physicians, is "Dr. What can I eat?".  Limited time in the clinic due to multiple competing priorities lead to missed opportunities to engage patients in diet and nutrition discussions when diagnosed with IBD. However, integrating diet and nutrition assessments and treatment plans can improve not only malnutrition, but also gut inflammation in patients with IBD. Dr. Raman will review the data regarding the evolving role for diet as a risk factor for the development of IBD, its role for treatment of IBD, and practical implementation strategies, including digital solutions, for integrating diet into IBD management. 

Speaker/Chair Bio:

Dr. Maitreyi Raman is a Gastroenterologist and Physician Nutrition Specialist, Associate Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine and Division of Gastroenterology at the University of Calgary. She completed medical school at the University of Ottawa and then Internal Medicine Residency at Dalhousie University, and subsequently a clinical nutrition fellowship at the University of Toronto. Dr. Raman has clinical and research interests in diet and lifestyle as primary therapy for patients with digestive diseases. She investigates using dietary patterns and components in the management of digestive health disorders and investigates the role of diet to modulate the gut microbiome and chronic inflammation in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In addition, Dr. Raman explores the role of the brain gut axis through mind body interventions and its impact on chronic disease outcomes. Dr. Raman has co-developed a digital health platform. LyfeMD, to bring to patients living with digestive diseases effective and evidence-based diet and lifestyle strategies that improve symptoms and clinical outcomes (